Alabama Commercial Ford Vehicles

Ford Commercial Vehicles

Whether you need a vehicle to deliver goods to customers or require a large truck for service, Ernest McCarty Ford offers a wide selection of commercial vehicles to suit your business needs. Contact us to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members to discover your options.

Transport Products in A New Van

Transit vans are small in size, fuel-efficient and come with different options for greater comfort for the driver. Large side panels make it possible to display a company name, logo or graphics, and the large interior provides plenty of room for upgrades.

Box Trucks for Large Loads

Box trucks feature a hollowed out exterior for a no-nonsense approach to hauling. These types of truck are ideal for shipping items to and from customers because the back of the vehicle is easily accessible. You can equip the truck with a back step for increased safety, and accordion-style doors provide an easy exit for fast delivery times. The 2018 stripped chassis is one of the top models.

Cutaways for Maximum Storage

The E-Series Cutaway has plenty of storage compartments to hold tools, parts and other necessities on the job. The compartments lock to safeguard against loss, and when properly equipped with an adequate motor and transmission, the E-Series can pull up to 10,000 pounds.

Versatile Pickups for Towing

Pickup trucks are a favorite for commercial vehicles in a variety of industries. The large open bed makes it easy to haul supplies to and from a construction site or to haul furniture and other equipment as needed. Trucks with diesel engines can haul well over 30,000 pounds, which make these trucks powerhouses. You can outfit the interior with leather seats and other options for maximum comfort. Models include the F-150 for lighter-duty work up to the F-450 for heavier-duty pulling and transport.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to purchase a new vehicle for your business, Ernest McCarty Ford has a variety of new and used trucks and commercial vehicles to choose from. Contact us for more information or stop by our showroom and pick out a vehicle for a test drive. We also have a variety of financing options to suit your needs.


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